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Contacting Newlyweds

I am a recent newlywed (and loving it!) however, a friend I considered very close has become TOO close in the past few months. She tried to take over our wedding, situated it so that I ended up paying for my own bridal shower, and has asked to witness fights between my husband and I (He speaks a different language and I am bilingual). It honestly has gotten to the point where I feel stalked. She would continuiously invite herself to our home (and we don't want to be rude and tell her to leave) and eat our food (even when we are making do with what we have until the wedding is paid for), show up unannounced, text, call, email, contact my husband and I via social networking sites, and visits me at work nearly every day. She is nosey and consently trys to get between my husband and I. We have tried to slowly distance ourselves with no luck. We thought things would get better once she started dating someone,(Thinking that maybe she was jealous of our realtionshp. We were together long before we met her) but no luck. She would rather spend time with us than her significant (or not so significant) other. We have tried to tell her we would like our space, but she just doesn't seem to understand. She has contacted us one way or the other every day of our honeymoon. Is this approriate? How can I get her to stop? I have tried ignoring all of her attempts at contact and even told her I didn't appricate her trying to butt in on my honeymoon. She thought I was joking. I don't know what to do anymore.
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