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Pew Decor

I don't know if this has been asked yet but has anyone seen any good inspiration pics of pew decor? I am kind of over the whole pomander thing and would like something elegant, inexpensive and not crazy tulle bows. . . Any help with pics or links to pics is appreciated! Also I am not hiring a florist so it either has to be non floral or silk or something that is easily DIYable.

Re: Pew Decor

  • ditto retread.  Church decorations are really not necessary and not a good allocation of funds.Remember that when you look at a church, you are generally looking at it empty.  During your ceremony, the front of the church will be filled with your bridesmaids in lovely dresses and holding *something*.  There will be groomsmen in tuxes/suits.  There will be an officiant.  And there will be a radiant bride and groom, and that's where the attention will be focused.  Instant decor.Your guests will be so focused on watching you say your vows that they won't care what you have hanging on the pews.  And neither will you.  =)
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  • We did lanterns. PIB.
  • PIB, going with simple whites/greens in church, then burgundy for bouquets/reception
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  • We are using the pew torches that the church has and that's it.
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  • This is helping me feel better about thinking I wanted to forgo the pew decorations and all that end of aisle stuff myself. I plan to have some flowers & some candles in hurricanes up front where we'll be standing along with our officient and WP so I think there will be plenty to look at it up front. I think our venue puts decorations on the chapel doors for us, come to think of less thing to worry about...Maybe do some of those hurricanes on stands at the front of the venue? You could probably get away with not doing anything additional, I am thinking. Pretty vases / urns with some flowers you arrange yourself?  
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  • I didn't think I needed it either but the site is so bare bones that it needs something. I think I want to figure out a archway or something that doesn't look too prom dance photoish...Maybe I can double something like candles or the lanterns
  • how about ribbons in your wedding colors?
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