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Rose Ceremony Change?

Hi everyone! I just needed confirmation on whether or not that sounds totally stupid. So we are having a tropical themed wedding in June 2010 and I had an idea. I like the idea of the Rose Ceremony (my sister in law had it at her wedding) but I was considering doing it slightly different. Since orchids are my main wedding flower, I was considering giving each mother an orchid lei instead of a rose. Does that sounds like it would be too cheesy or do you think it would work with the theme? Please, be honest and thanks for the opinions!

Re: Rose Ceremony Change?

  • 1 vote for cheesy and not in "theme" if you go with roses, but I don't think it matters. If it will be meaningful to the two of you then do it. I think if you watch John and Kate Plus 8's renewal vows (ha!) in Hawaii they do something like this with leis.
  • I think it sounds fantastic! Its perfect for the theme! I also think its a great way for your moms to use the flowers, rather than having one flower that will prob just end up on a table somewhere :)
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  • I like the idea.  I think since orchids are your flower, go ahead and use them. Because of reality shows, when I hear rose ceremony, all I can think of is the cheestastic endings to "The Bachelor". I'd much rather see orchids.  
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  • It's exactly the same as a rose ceremony, you're just using a different flower. It's fine.
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