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Friends' FB WR post - glad I wasn't invited

Backstory:  FI and I have a a friend who is the most annoying AW about her wedding.  I have had to stop talking wedding with her because every time we did, she would criticize whatever i had said we were considering, and bragged how she was getting whatever it was so much cheaper.  She told me point blank a few months ago that FI weren't going to be invited because she wanted to invite FI's uncle and cousin (who there's bad blood with) and they said they wouldn't go if we were going.  She said it was more important to have them there than us.  I told her ok, and hoped she had a beautiful day, can't wait to see pics, blah blah blah.

So she is always posting about the wedding, pre-wedding parties, stuff she bought, daily countdown, etc.  The wedding is tomorrow and I saw her and her FI's names tagged in her sister's status:
"Can't wait for xxxxx and xxxxx's wedding tomorrow!  As MOH I want to remind everyone to bring lots of Loonies for the dollar dances!  Let's help send XX and YY on a beautiful honeymoon!"

One more reason I'm glad we weren't invited. 
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