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Untraditional music and readings?

It's my second wedding, and I want untraditional. :) Does anyone have any suggestions for entrance music for me and the girls? Cute readings that aren't religious? Thanks!

Re: Untraditional music and readings?

  • We're doing all Beatles music for our ceremony.  Depending on what feel you're going for and what instruments you're using here are a couple of suggestions:  Across the Universe, I want to hold your hand, Something or All you need is love.  We have a piano soloist and they're all beautiful songs. Google Hand Blessing, there's multiple variations of it and it's very moving.  We're using it before we exchange vows.  Good Luck!
  • We are walking down the aisle to "Always With Me, Always With You" by Joe Satriani---FI usually plays it on his guitar, but my cousins will be playing it live for us. . .We are doing a love poem by Roy Croft for a reading.
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  • How old are the girls?  A lot of people suggest  a reading from the Velveteen rabbit, but I think that's too.. odd.. Try finding a nice poem for them to read that matches their age.  This means that you're probably going to have to dig, but if you have a handful of time, then that shouldn't be bad.
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