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In Law/ Step IN LAWs?

Fi's father and step mother are of course going to be there for us... but they aren't SUPER close.. they are CLOSE but not like father and son... his mother and father don't get along..
we ARE announcing everyone...
do we announce them too?? --- not a big deal but they're not helping with the wedding at all... they are more like a guest

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Re: In Law/ Step IN LAWs?

  • I don't see why you wouldn't just announce them too? He is his dad, super close or not.

  • That's what i thought!!

    Thank you...

    My parents are hosting.. so they'll be the first one on the lines then..
    and we will introduce all..
    my mom and dad
    his mom and step dad
    and his dad and step mom.

    :) ONE GIANT happy family!!! :)

    Happy Planning All
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