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Limo & make up artist review


Anyone recommend a reasonalby priced and responsible limo company in nyc?

Also, any reviews on Ellen B Beauty?

thanks :)

Re: Limo & make up artist review

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    I'm still pricing out limos; when I get a solid lead I'll be sure to email you.  I'd suggest looking on wedding wire and sending out an email to get an initial quote and then contact those that sound good (and also got good reviews, that's what I did, just haven't had the chance to make personal phone call yets).

    A bride on weddingbee recently put pictures and blogged about Ellen B.  I have her on my list of maybes.  Does really great work, but she's pricey and I'm kinda "cheap" and want to keep my costs down.  But if you have a fairly large budget, she's great.
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    I am booking ellen b...she is so sweet and does a great job. I had a trial with her. I didn't love the colors but she knew what she was doing as far as application. I already told her I wanted to change up the colors and she said it would totally be fine.
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