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When to give gifts to bridal party/parents?

Hi ladies. I wanted to get your input as to when to give my gifts for the BP and the parents. I went to e rehearsal dinner a couple of months ago and the bride presented her gifts then, and everyone just started opening them and sharing with each other. I'm not sure if the rehearsal dinner is the usual time for this, I just thought the people who don't have gifts might feel left out or something. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Re: When to give gifts to bridal party/parents?

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    IDK what is usual... but at every wedding I've been at and I or FI has been in the BP the gifts have always been given out at the rehearsal dinner.
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    We gave ours at RD as well.
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    We gave them the night of the RD, but after dinner and in private.  Public gift giving when not everyone is receiving one just makes me extremely uncomfortable.
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    The rehearsal dinner is when we gave ours out as well.
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    I've been a BM twice and we received our gifts during the the RD both times -- the first time the bride gave a nice little speech about each of us, thanked us and gave us our gift in front of everyone. The second wedding our gifts were at our seats when we got there and then she came around and hugged us each during dinner.

    If you're uncomfortable with that I think it's totally fine to do it in private.
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    I gave the bridesmaids their gifts privately and separately a couple weeks before the wedding. I do not find it improper etiquette to give gifts at the rehearsal dinner but it felt too showy for my comfort level. I wanted the gift giving to feel more about thanking them than to seem like, "oooh look at what Laura bought the girls." We had 75 people at our RD because we invited all of our OOT guests.
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    I will do it after the rehersal i think, in private, because they are not all getting the same. The guys voted that they would rather have most of their tux rental paid for instead of gifts so they won't have any, other than my brother because he is going above & beyond everyone (including bm) & i want him to know that his efforts have been greatly appreciated, that will be done on a different day because no other guy is getting anything. 
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    We did ours at the RD too.  Everyone got a gift though because we didn't go super big for the dinner maybe 25ppl, all of whom were playing some role in the wedding.
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