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Ok gotta know, what's your favorite food right now?

Mine is the corn salsa at chipotle, omg i could eat it everyday
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Re: Fav.

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    Crab rangoon, dipped in raspberry jalopeno jelly.
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    Everything.  I'm pregnant.
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    Right now, Frito Lays and french onion dip.  I'd love to have a pop to go with it, but it's 10:30 and if I do I'll be up all night peeing and caffeinated.
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    Pizza....but in all fairness, its our fav food pretty much all the time.  Have it at least once a week on Fridays, some weeks up to 3 times.  I blame it on our sickly small kitchen/hallway that is impossible to cook in
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    taco ring!*
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Fav.</a>:
    [QUOTE]Crab rangoon, dipped in raspberry jalopeno jelly.
    Posted by tlv204[/QUOTE]

    Have you had Shrimp Ashley at Flat Top Grill?

    As for the question, my answer is cheap chinese buffet.  i could eat it all day, every day.
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    Right now? umm..I have no idea!
    My normal favorites though are: sweet potatoes, ribs, avacados, banana splits.

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    Avocados w/ a little bit of olive oil and Adobo = heaven

    Bruschetta from Houlihan's kills me it's so good.

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