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not inviting a whole family

the thread below made me think of something on our guest list i've been worrying about.

there's a family of four girls i grew up with.  they are all adults now, married, none of them live at home anymore.  my mom and their mom are BFFs since church youth group days.  i'm close with one of the girls, but have really lost touch with the others.  i went to their weddings but that was 10 years ago when i lived in ohio.  

the parents are on my mom's invite list.  the girl/her H i've stayed close to are on my invite list.  but is it rude not to invite the other 3 with their Hs?  my instinct says no, it's fine, i just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  so if you were one of those 3 sisters i don't invite, would you care?

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