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Honoring deceased relatives

So this is a delicate issue that I need some advice on. My mother passed away from cancer when I was 18, and my grandma when I was 22. I have a very small and close family, so these ladies were obviously the most important people in my life (aside from dad and grandpa, of course!).

I want to find ways to honor both my mom and grandma without it being a sob-show. Although their losses were terrible, our family is about honoring and celebrating lives, not mourning them. Some ideas I've come up with so far:

-doing something with a piece of both of their wedding dresses (around my bouquet? not sure).
-a blurb in the program (how would you word it?).
-putting up their wedding pictures on a table at the reception.
-instead of a favor, doing a donation to Gilda's Club (an organization that supports families affected by cancer) or the hospice my mom was at.

Please chime in with suggestions! :)
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