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My FI wants me to kick out my BM

Hello everyone again,

My FI and I are still on the side line of the wedding, we are in the process of talking about canceling our date to postpone it which is fine. We'll send out cards and simply say the wedding will not take place as planned, not a good feeling to do but I'm okay with it despite the embarrassment. The only problem right now is he wants me to kick out my BM, like is nearly begging me to. He can't stand her, I do admit she doesn't hold her tongue on her opinions of my relationship and knows or should know my FI knows her comments since she shouts out my actions to her mother and boyfriend who express their opinions.

My FI wants to say something to her but I told him no its my job to defend him when dealing with a woman and I express to him if he did say something her bf will say something to me and start a BIG mess. He said if she says one more negative thing about him, he will tell her she is a biitch, not to mention the fact my other BMs think she is too. I know it is out of etiquette to kick her out but I feel conflicted on how to handle their relationship.

She is one of those type of woman who carry themselves like they know everything or try to lecture on everything and acts like they have no wrong actions which is why he can't stand her. Plus if we postpone we have to keep our WP as is correct? I told him its not like I can text her saying "Hey, X You can't be in the wedding anymore my FI can't stand you so he wants you out" I mean seriously, that's harsh and beyond rude.

EDIT: I broke up my paragraphs. They couldn't stand to be near one another. (corny joke)
*Singing* I can see clearly now the rain is gone, its going to be a bright.... BRIGHT.... bright sun shinny day!
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