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Aligning of the planets (aka: getting vendors on the same date)

Our wedding location only take reservations up to 8 months in advance.  It's not a venue, no contracts, it's like reserving a campsot on  Literally.

Would you wait until you can actually book the place before linging up caterers and photographers? 

This place is pretty new, in the middle of no where, and I've noticed online that people are only booking it 2 weeks in advance if that.  Not a whole lot of way early booking basically.  So likely it could be available, if I line up vendors prior.

Or wait until 8 months prior, reserve the location, then take my chances that the caterer and photographer I want are available with 8 months notice?

I don't know.  The culture here is engagements are only 2 months on average, so I am guessing I'm the way early one booking 8 months in advance!
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