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My friend (let's call her V) is planning to have a money dance at her wedding because it is apparently a tradition in the groom's family.  I'm her MOH, and I personally think money dances are tacky and awkward.  They aren't done in our circle of friends or her family, so I don't think it will be well received at the wedding.  When she first told me that she was going to do it, I tried to subtly talk her out of it, but since it's not my wedding I decided to drop the subject and plan to be somewhere else during the money dance.

I recently took her to a friend's wedding, who I knew was having a money dance.  This was the first time I'd seen one in person and it was worse than I thought.  The MOH was given a microphone and called out people who weren't participating to come dance with the bride/groom, and she collected the money in an apron.  Frankly, I invited V to come to this wedding with me in hopes that she would see how tacky they are and change her mind.

The surprise was on me.  She turned to me in the middle of watching the money dance and said, "I haven't decided how you are going to collect the money yet.  I think I might give you all baskets."

1.  I didn't realize I'd have to collect the money!  I thought she'd collect it in a purse or something, since I heard that was traditional.
2.  There are SIX bridesmaids.  They way she said it made me think she was going to have ALL of us collect money during the dance.  She definitely does not need that many people collecting money.

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