Photographers guest?!?!

My photographer for my wedding in 10 days is also a family friend of about 15 years.  She is a professional wedding photographer, and has an assistant.  I have hired both of them as my photographers, but I sent a formal invite to my friend because she is also coming as a guest.  She is going to shoot the wedding and the formal pictures between the ceremony and the reception, and her assistant is going to shoot the reception so my friend can sit and eat and be a guest.  Because my friend is very close to my family I had had her sitting with my parents.

So- I get my friends RSVP, and she has written down what she and her assistant want to eat.  Now, the people we have "hired" (the videographers, DJ, my friends assistant) are not going to be formally seated amongst my guests.  They are also not going to be offered the same thing to eat (we have arranged for less expensive meal choices).  The DJ and videographers have told me they normally eat at the bar, or they grab something to eat in between doing the job they have been hired to do. 

I have never met my friends assistant, and my mother thinks it is inappropriate to seat this assistant with the family.  I don't have a favor or a place card for this assistant (I don't have them for any of the vendors we have hired).  My friend asked me if it would be possible for them to be seated together, and she is assuming that she will be seated with my parents b/c she won't know anyone else.  She says that her assistant doesn't know anyone, and it will be awkward for her.  I don't know how to respond because her assistant is not her guest.  She is being paid a lot of money to take pictures.  She is not there to have a good time. 

Just an FYI- my wedding is VERY small, and it is a sit down dinner of about $100 a plate. 

I hesitate to talk to my friend b/c i don't want to offend her.  What would you do?

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