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Rehearsal dinner gifts

I am giving gifts to my bridal party at the rehearsal dinner  but then was thinking about all the parents. Should I get the my parents and fiancee's parents gifts as well? If so what is an appropriate gift for this occassion. They are both contributing a lot of money to this wedding.

Re: Rehearsal dinner gifts

  • Usually you would get give the parents a gift, especially if they are contributing financially. The gift is something heartfelt, special and meaningful to you and them.
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  • It's up to you but it shouldn't be because they are contributing money.  It should be because they've brought you up to be who you are today, KWIM?
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  • We are giving both parents gifts at the rehearsal. We will probably give my parents a little something extra, in private, to thank them for contributing financially.
  • I'd never heard of giving your parents gifts for the wedding until I came to TK.  My parents wouldn't allow us to do it anyway. 
  • We are not giving gifts at the rehearsal because we don't want everyone to compare.  FMIL is a miserable human being, and FI doesn't want to get her anything.  He feels she's lucky to be invited at all.

    FI and I want to get my parents something because they're very supportive of us and genuinely nice people.  They're also paying for the whole thing.

    We'll give the gift in private because we don't want to stir up trouble with FMIL.
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    I had never heard of giving the parents gifts before TK either.  Of all the weddings I've been in I've never seen it at the RD either.  However, I don't ever think it's a bad idea to give someone a gift for any occasion if it's from the heart, especially your parents.  A nice thank you is always appreciated.
  • I was planning on gifting after the wedding with a photo book. I also had never heard of giving them a gift prior to TK
  •   I'm going to embroider silk hankies for the moms and FI is giving the dads the same gift he's giving the GM- a monogrammed pocket knife (both dads will definitely use them). After the wedding, we're giving both sets of parents a wedding album or framed picture of us with that side of the family from the wedding.
  • I think you should definitely give your parents something. In addition to contirbuting financially, I'm sure they have supported you all these years. We did individual gifts for each (since my inlaws are divorced) so we did monogramed beer mugs for the dads and I picked out silver and pearl bracelets for the moms. I also gave my parents a nice frame (after the RD) and printed out an 8x10 of the our family after the wedding, since they paid for the whole thing.

    After the wedding, I gave them all wedding photo albums, which ended up being Christmas gifts. because who doesn't want a ton of pictures of me and H??? :)
  • We did not give gifts at the RD.  We had a lot of OOT guests there.  We did the gift giving at the rehearsal (for the WP), and gave the gifts to the parents separately.
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