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Cost of hair on the big day

Hi ladies,

I just received a hair quote from my stylist and I was hoping that you might give me some basis for comparison.  She's based at a salon in NYC, but to do private work she charges $350 to style a bride's hair, plus transportation.  I have extremely curly/kinky hair, and to style it naturally will take her at least 2 hours to condition, style, and dry (though a lot of that time is me sitting under the dryer). 

I thought that this was very high, since a cut and style at her salon is just under $100, but I'm getting married about 1.5 hours north of the city so going to the salon is not an option, and she's going to need to take the day off.  Is this about standard for a stylist in this area?

Any info would be really helpful.  Thank you!

Re: Cost of hair on the big day

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    I would have said it was expensive, except for all of the special conditions you mentioned, which I would think would make that an acceptable price. I paid $120, but I actually went to a salon and all the stylist had to do was put in extensions and curl them.
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    I am paying $90 but I have straight easy to manage hair and my stylist does not need to take the day off.
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    I have very curly hair and am really surprised your stylist is telling you to wet your hair.  I used Stacy Pitt and she told me not wet my hair or style or anything.  We ended up using a very teeny tiny curling iron that made my hair look perfectly natural but actually held the curls for 10 hours.

    Is it just you getting your hair done?  If so, I can see why so expensive but if others are as well then it is awfully high.
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    Thanks ladies.  I don't think we're talking about the same types of curls, mine must be styled wet.  I have no issue with the way she styles it, I love the results, I was just shocked by the price and wanted to know if it was typical (though with all of the other wedding costs, I guess it's just a drop in the bucket!)  Thanks for sharing your prices with me!

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    I paid $200.  It sounds like your stylist is on the higher end, but I don't think it is outrageous, especially since she probably won't be able to do any more work that day.
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