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do I have to invite my sister?

The wedding isent for a year, but him and I are talking about a possible guest list. The question came up about whether to invite my older sister. She is ind of the black sheep in my family. She has caused a lot of heart ache and drama in the last couple of years. I was orginally planning on inviting her, but some of the things she has said and done in the last few months makes me not want to.
One of the biggest issues is regarding the 'man' she is with. My family HATES him...and its not for lack of reasons. The got married last year, and didn't even let us know they were getting married. He is manipulative, (we think)abusive and just a slime ball. He has threatened members of my family on many occasions.
As I had said, I was orignally planning on inviting her. I even asked if her 4 year old son could be our ring bearer and her 2 year old daughter could be our flower girl. I was instently shot down because she didn't want them in our "fake wedding." We are getting married in our familys church and for some reason she sees it as "fake." Her husbend consently verbally attacks my finace and I on facebook.
I would prefer to not invite her at all, but I am not sure if that would be the best choice. I am afraid that it will look bad to our family friends if I don't invite her. I just don't want to open the door for drama at my wedding or recption. If We do invite her and her beautiful children.... he husbed WILL NOT be invited. 

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