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AW: I got the job!

I realized I never updated you guys.  Thanks to those of you who were helping out in my outfit thread when my brain clearly wasn't on straight :)  I felt a bit overdressed (I think I was the only one in the building with a jacket on) but that's okay!

Signed my background check release forms and they're overnighting me a kit so I can send a copy of my fingerprints to the FBI. 

Had a maurice's gift card lying around (from last Christmas, haha) so I went and bought a dressy top and a sweater to celebrate.  I had a 20% off coupon *and* the pink top was on sale for more than I thought it was so I unexpectedly saved about $10 when I got to the register.  Bonus.

Plz excuse derpy face and crazy hair - I went to FSK's HC parade today right before and it was super windy.  Both kids were in the parade - FSS was on a flag football float and FSD with the JHS marching band.

If anyone's feeling bored, feel free to show me some cute bank-appropriate outfits on-line.  I can wear misses, jr's or plus, depending on the piece.  Trying to stay away from super-young looking jr's dept. merch, however, or else FSD and I might accidentally buy the same clothes again :o. From what I gathered, all the women who work at that branch appear to dress cute & trendy while maintaining flattering cuts, appropriate fabrics, and all the right places covered up!

On a crappy note, I got a jury duty letter =(  I'm hoping with my new job they'll let me opt out this time around.  I normally wouldn't care, but the timing is just *awful* right now, especially since we need both incomes while we're paying for two households.
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