Did we screw this up?

So it's been over a month since our wedding now, and my mom just brought up something to me that was bothering her these past couple of weeks that made me think maybe we screwed up.  Keep in mind this was brought to my attention just recently, certainly not on the day-of.

My mom said that as my H and I and the rest of the bridal party were lining up in the foyer before being announced at the reception, my MIL asked her if the parents were being announced.  She said if they were that she wanted to make sure that they announced her husband (my H's step-father) because "afterall he IS part of the family."  I guess this comment sort of bothered my mom in that she thought she had done something to offend him as "part of the family".  My mom is always so worried about being on good terms with everybody that she literally went over every detail of the wedding and that day to see what the issue might have been.

I assured her that I seriously doubt we did anything to offend him.  My MIL can act really weird and say strange things sometimes, and so I just wrote this off as her being her.  I mean he walked her down the aisle, had a boutenniere, was included in all pictures (including a picture just with MIL, him and his grown kids with us), and did the pre-dinner prayer. 

Well, my mom finally looked through our program and realized that we did not include him in our program under "Parents".  Thinking back on when we were designing the programs, I think we initially probably didn't put him in because he got married to MIL later in my H's life and isn't really close to him.  In fact, he's always been very tough on my H and even caused a huge dramatic thing when he moved home briefly after graduating college while he found a job (right during the economic breakdown).  So I'd say that my H is civil with him now.  They've gotten over any past drama, but H is really close to his biological dad and so his step-dad has never really been a significant person in his life.

We did not purposely disclude him, I guess it was just an oversight since he's not really a dad-like figure to my H.    There were other issues going on with the program when they were being designed so we probably didn't look at them from every possible angle with a fine-toothed comb to see if anyone would be offended.

Do you think this would have offended him?  I mean there's nothing we can do about it now, but I think my mom is being slightly paranoid anyways.  H's step-dad never seems to really care about anything, so I guess the only person that would possibly offended is I guess the MIL?  Who knows...
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