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I'm a space cadet...

Upon looking at some of the RSVP cards we have gotten back, I noticed that one of FI's relatives crossed out the zip code of our address and rewrote it... Turns out, I put the wrong code! In my haste, I put mine and FI's address with my parents' zip code! Oh boy...

I put return address labels on every single RSVP card and didn't notice.
FI looked them over a few times and didn't notice.
My mother helped me put all of the invitations together and didn't notice.

How could none of us have noticed this, but FI's random relative who doesn't even live in our state did?!?
Somehow, we have still gotten a large amount of RSVPs back, but I hope this doesn't affect our count. Good thing I already plan to contact those who don't return the response cards because now I will definitely have to.

Please tell me I'm not the only one making these stupid mistakes Embarassed

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