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WWYD: Declining gifts for wedding

Maybe there is nothing we can do differently in this situation, but I need some advice.

FMIL's bff keeps on making us stuff for the wedding we're not going to use.  We're having a florist, because it was important for me to have fresh flowers and I had to make the centerpieces for my two sisters weddings and it was a pain.  BFF likes to arrange fake flowers.  She's given us a toss bouquet (we're not having a bouquet toss), centerpieces (we're paying a florist to do that) and bouts for the guys (the guys are wearing pocket squares - FI's choice - and he doesn't like pocket squares and bouts). 

She knows that we're not having a bouquet toss, but she doesn't think a wedding is a wedding without one.  So she gave it to me just in case.  She knows we paid a florist, but I guess it hurt her feelings, so she made the centerpieces just in case.  She knows we only want pocket squares, but again, its not a wedding if guys aren't wearing bouts, so she made them just in case.

We've told her repeatedly that we're not going to use these things, but more stuff pops up that she gives us "just in case."  Well, there isn't going to be a case that we use them, so what would you do?

Baby boy 7.10.13
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