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friend of's.....daughter?

My flower girl is one of my best friends little girls, who i have babysat for, and cared for when her mom was in the hospital etc.

Trying to figure out how her name would be on a program (i know its early but because of school issues, i want to have everything done and just make the slight changes if needed closer to the time)

For everyone I have so far put
name - friend of the bride

With this little girl though it seems to downplay my relationship with her and really wordy by saying
Flower Girl
name - daughter of friend of bride

So the question:
would it look wierd to just put her full name instead of the friend of part when everyone else has friend of?

Could i say
name - honorary niece of bride ( since she cause me auntie)

Or do i need to stick with the wordy one?

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Re: friend of's.....daughter?

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