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Bridal Shower Optional Activity Question

My awesome MOH is putting together a bridal shower for me in the city I currently live in. The guests would all be friends versus a family thing. About 10 people. She asked if I could reach out to the people she does not know and check if they would be ok with spending $20 on an optional before the actual bridal shower activity. We would all take a pole dancing class together.

I think this sounds like a blast, personally and I think most of my friends would get a kick out of it. Is it wrong to ask people to pay for the optional before the shower portion? The actual shower would be at a near by restaurant and would be completely hosted.

If you are frowning on the paying idea, would it be ok if I footed the bill, for the lesson even though I am not hosting the shower? My MOH would not be able to spring for everyone and there is only one other bridesmaid in town. I can afford it and would rather pay for it then not do it. When else do you have an excuse to get your girl friends together for some pole dancing?

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