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invitation do's don'ts

I have a little dilemma....I'm getting married in my small hometown, and we are VERY strapped for space at the reception.  Here is my problem: People in this area have a habit of bringing guests with them who are NOT listed on the invitation...for example, if I invited Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, but Mr. Doe isn't going to be attending, Mrs. Doe will come, and then bring someone else with her who wasn't invited.  I have a HUGE problem with this, and I'd like to know some way of wording my response cards that tells people that the invitation is ONLY for those who are named on it, and no one else.  If one person on the invite can't attend, don't bring someone else in their place.  How do I do this??? because it is sure to happend and it's driving me crazy!

Re: invitation do's don'ts

  • Wait to see what they put on the RSVP cards, and if they indicate that someone other than who's invited is coming, call them up and politely explain.  But I wouldnt' say anything abotu this on the invitation.
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