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Who gets tipped & how much?

Ok, so I'm a little clueless when it comes to this... but who should I tip at my wedding and what is the going rate? I don't have a wedding planner, but the catering manager is handling a lot of the set up/schedule.  There will also be waiters, bartender, 4 ceremony musicians, dj and photographer. I have already paid the officient and we will be giving him a gift (he is a friend). So what about the others?

Re: Who gets tipped & how much?

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    You'll find other guidelines elsewhere also, but please ignore the rule that says business owners should not get tipped because they set their own prices. Tipping is always optional, but expected for waitstaff. Budget for tips for all vendors as though they did a kick-butt job. If they went above and beyond, give them what you have, if they do terrible, don't tip, if they're satisfactory, give them a small tip.

    Also, an awesome review is always appreciated by vendors!
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