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Tipping vendors

Just wanted to know what the etiquette is for tipping vendors

Re: Tipping vendors

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    Check your contract.  18 - 20 percent is the norm
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Tipping vendors : If it's required, it isn't a tip.
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    Sometimes a gratuity is automatically included, usually it happenswhen waitstaff are involved-like when you go out to eat with 10+ people. -- Check your contract to see if it is automatically included or if it is at your discretion. Don't feel obligated to tip if gratuity is included.
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    We are tipping all of our service providers assuming that they do a great job. We love the vendors we chose so I assume they'll all be wonderful. So our DJ, photographers, hair and make up people and DOC are all being tipped. We're making a generous donation to our church. All delivery people will receive tips, too.
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