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My son and his bride were supposed to be married Labor Day weekend 2011.  The wedding has been postponed and is yet unscheduled.  My daughter recently became engaged and wanted the wedding on her birthday in 2013, September 13.  Scheduling conflicts have moved the date up to Labor Day weekend 2013.  Is this appropriate, given that it could serve as a reminder of a sad time for her brother and his fiance?

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  • To me, it depends on why they had to postpone. If it was because of money or something, then no. If it was because of a death or something, then maybe.

  • Ditto PP on the reason for the postponement. In general, I would say it is fine for them to get married on that day unless there were sad circumstances surrounding the postponement (like a death in the family).

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  • I don't have a problem with it.  The only reason I wouldn't do it would be if your son has a problem with it due to the circumstances of his postponement.
  • it's 2 years after the original planned wedding, i would say don't bother moving it.  maybe if it was going to be this coming labor day, but not 2013.
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