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I have come to realize through lurking that SOs must be invited. I am concerned about that for my wedding. My parents got divorced 1 1/2 years ago (they were in the process of divorcing and getting back together for about 5 years altogether) over the fact that my dad started dating another woman. My dad has a band that this other woman is in. In fact, she lived there for awhile when my dad moved back into the house (he got the house in the divorce and I was still living there at the time). I left because she was too difficult to live with, but it was time for me to spread my wings anyway.

My family (dad's side too) has made it quite clear that they love my mother and have nothing to do with the girlfriend. He says the girlfriend doesn't live with him anymore and off and on says they are together on facebook.Her furniture is still there and she has been there when I visited him the last two times. He tells my mother that he and the gf are broken up. I don't think they ever are really broken up, but he doesn't want to let my mom go or let my mom move on or something like that. My mother is invited to all family events and my paternal grandmother made it clear that if the girlfriend ever comes to any event she is at my grandmother will be nasty to the girlfriend.

To further complicate matters my mom is paying for part of the wedding reception and has absolutely no intention of inviting the gf whether they are together or not. (My father is not contributing)

Do I still need to find a way to tell my mother we have to invite my dad's girlfriend?
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