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Question regarding favors

Way back when, I decided I wasn't going to have any favors.  I find the added expense to be a bit of a waste and most folks, universally, are never really jazzed with what the bride and groom pick out.

Then I was working on the menu one day and thought, mints might be appreciated by guests after a few meal courses.  So I started to research buying little tins to fill up with mints of my choice.  But even these little tins add up, without factoring a label for them (not too bad though) and the mints themselves.

So today the light bulb went off and I thinking about this instead - why not have one (or two) small, closed jars on the table with mints inside.  Less money than getting a favor for each and every person, and if someone doesn't want or need a mint, no biggie, otherwise it's right there on the table.

What do you think?  Has anyone else done anything similar and if so, how did it go?  Thanks.

Re: Question regarding favors

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    I think it's just kind of a waste.  I probably wouldn't take a mint ourt of a jar on the table.  Just don't do favors.  No one will notice or care.  JMO.
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    Not a terrible idea, same concept as a candy table, just on a smaller scale and at the table.
    You could go cheaper on individual packaging if you want-with cardboard boxes or even tulle circles and ribbon (super cheap)
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    I agree with julezlee.  People probably won't want mints during the wedding, and if there are only one or two per table people may feel awkward taking them home (or may not want to take mints that others have been rummaging through).  I think it would be a waste.
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    i agree as well.  i'm not really a mint fan so probably wouldn't eat one.  we're making a donation to our favourite charity - WSPA - in lieu of favours so we will probably have a notice of that somewhere in case anyone wonders where the favours are.  i don't think people would ever be bothered by no favours.  well i wouldn't be anyway!
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    Thanks ladies.  FI had a good idea of something not expensive but useful, so I'm going to nix the mints.  I may have some basket in the restroom for the guests - perhaps I'll put some individually wrapped mints (not too many) if guests would like to freshen up.
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