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Dear brides, my name is Susanna and I married the love of my life at Oheka Castle this August 2009. I used their house vendor, MME Entertainment, for many services, one of which included our wedding videography. However, 3 months after the wedding (this past Wednesday 11-18-09) they informed me that they LOST my wedding video!!!! I still cannot stop crying! I have asked all of my guests if they had shot any home videos of the wedding, but I am out of luck, nobody has. MME Entertainments head guy Joseph said that they are still looking for it, but somehow it was accidentally taken off of a desk by someone? and that they still have not found it since October 30th,2009! Thats almost 3 weeks ago. They said that they erased the copy from their computer, but why wouldnt a professional company save these things until the customer receives the final product!? I was informed months ago that I would be picking up the video, nobody told me that it would be sent! Was the video even made? How can I know? Bottom line, my video is gone. Does anyone have any advice! I cannot stop feeling faint when I think about this.


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    Did you use them for your photographer? If so I would insist that they give you extra pics and reimburse you for your photo package.

    I am so sorry this happened to you. Good Luck

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    Thank you for the advice. I had a separate photographer.... fortunately.... Even the $2000 that I spent on this video cant return the lost memories. Thank you for the kind words, have a happy thanksgiving. I give thanks for the fact that nice people like you care to give advice to people in need.
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    oh my god how horrible. they should definitely refund your money in its entirety. you can also report them to the better business bureau. i'm so sorry this happened!
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    I agree; why delete a backup before a couple receives the final product.  Even if the couple received the product, why not invest in some backing system and wait, oh say 3-6 months, to delete just in case something happens.  Clearly, these guys are not professionals.

    First, I would tell Oheka that a vendor it recommended let you down and that will affect how to advise future brides.  Encourage it to be honest to future brides and seek out another vendor to suggest.  Second, I would most definitely ask for a refund in full - it doesn't get you what you need, but what can you do.  Third, aside from BBB, any place that will allow you to review the vendor (The Knot,, etc.), I would right an honest review and warn future brides.  This will force the company, perhaps, to take better care of customer's items and help future brides avoid a similar fate.

    It can happen but it seems in this case, it could have been avoided.  Sorry for your loss, but don't let that take away from your wedding experience and joy.  :-)

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    Thank you for the kind words and advice! It really has made me feel bad when I think about the wedding, I associate it with the loss of my video. I am blessed with the most amazing husband I could have ever dreamed of and I am thankful, but the pain and bad feeling about my wedding that I have makes me feel terrible. I am working on this situation and will keep you all posted.
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