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How to Ask These Things? Multiple Issues


Re: How to Ask These Things? Multiple Issues

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    You are 19, and still very much a child, and you have proven that in this thread. You don't kick people out of your wedding party becuase they are not skinny or pretty enough. Its rude and ignorant.
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  • Have you thought about premarital counseling? You are young and seem to struggle with interpersonal relationships. It might be a good investment to get some help to start off your marriage on the right foot. From your original post it sounds like you and your fiance may not have the best role models for good healthy relationships (you mentioned lots of alcoholics on both sides). Keep in mind through everything that its fun to plan the wedding but at the end of the day you will be married and it sounds like you might need to focus a little more on your marriage.
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  • I'm gonna pretend this isn't obviously fake and give you the best advice I can.

    1) have your wedding during the day.

    2) Try to find a venue that doesn't allow alcohol. This way you aren't the bad guy. The venue will deal with enforcing the no alcohol policy.

    3)You really have to deal with the bridesmaid situation. I'm sorry that they invited themselves t be bridesmaids but when they asked you that was your one and only chance to be like "sorry I'm planning on having a small bridal party of 2 people" now that you have confirmed their rude presumption that they are inyour bridal party you can't kick them out. I mean are you really gonna be like "hey, I was thinking about it and your kinda fat and ugly and I'd rather you not be in my pictures" If you want to end the friendships then do what you want. But if you value these relationships at all you have to keep these people.
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  • Just put "No Drunks and No Fatties" on your invitations. Problems solved.

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