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Just wondering how to go about this....

I am in a new relationship, and have been invited to a wedding that is to happen in April. If things work out (which I am praying they do), would I still go solo to the wedding or can I ask the bride and groom if it'd be ok to go with my boyfriend?I know it is pretty far away and anything can happen, but the wedding is also a few hours away and will be getting hotel rooms so it'd be nice to give a heads up to them and to me for money as well.
When I say the heads up to them, I don't mean saying he's coming no ands ifs or butts about it. Just by mentioning and finding out what they would say about it.

Re: Just wondering how to go about this....

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    I would wait closer to the date.

    They might invite your possible BF on their own.  If they don't I'd ask them 1-2 months in advance if it would be ok to bring him along.  (They may not know of his existence).

    But yes, if you're in a relationship, you should be invited with your SO.
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    i wouldnt mention it. let them find out about the relationship but not in context of their wedding. its up to them who they give "plus ones" to.
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    Have you actually received the invitation yet or just a STD (save the date)?

    I would casually mention to the bride and groom that you're dating this person that you're very excited about and they should get the hint.

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    Don't go fishing for an invite for your new relationship.  It's not your decision, only your decision to go if he/she is or is not invited.  Like you said, the wedding is a bit away.  If your relationship is getting more serious I'm sure you'll talk to your friend getting married about your new relationship and your excitement, but definitely don't bring things up just to get an invite for a plus 1.  
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    Wait - did they send invites out already for an April wedding?
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    You haven't gotten an invitation yet, right? Does the couple getting married know you're in a relationship yet?

    If you are still with this guy, the couple knows it and you don't get an invitation with both your names on it, then the couple has done something rude.

    It's a little tricky to say what to do in that situation, however and it would probably depend on my relationship with them. The simplest thing to do is to decline the invitation, but it sounds as though you want to go. You can call and inquire -- I'd frame it as though you're trying to clear up some confusion -- but if they say no (even though they're still totall in the wrong) just decline and move on.
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    Thank you ladies. And again sorry about the double post. I got my answer, I am sure they will know soon enough that I'm dating again.
    And I did get the STD, I was just wondering if I should or how I should go about it. And I won't mention it, in regards to the wedding at all. I will just let it all flow together.

    Thanks again!
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    Did you already get the invitation? because it sounds like you already know that he's not invited. Either way, I'd wait because there is plenty of time. ETA: It's taking me awhile to get my posts sent, so I mistimed. I still agree that it's a good idea to wait.
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    No, I didn't get the invite yet. I'm not sure when they will be sending them out although pretty sure it won't be until Feb. at  the earliest.
    I guess it sounds like I would think he wasn't invited because at this point not a lot of people know we're dating and it is fairly new so anything can happen between now and then. Just excited overall. This will be the first wedding I get to go to that is far away and will need to have a hotel etc. But also, that I'm very close to the groom and his family. 
    I was only ever at one other wedding before.
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