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why does she care

My mother (and father - but really mother because she is IN CHARGE of all finances in their life) is giving us 10K toward our wedding which is amazing and great - especially since she told me my entire like she would not give me a dime for my wedding.  

Our venue holds about 150 people ...I have a MUCH smaller family and less close friends than my finace does.  So after we made a guest list ...I have about 50 people and he has about 70.  I think this is totally fair because of what I mentioned above.  My mother has a problem with this.  She does not want to pay for the 20 more people he has, she doesn't think it is fair.  Even though there is litterally no one else she or I want to invite on our side.  But she still see's this as unfair somehow and is threatening things unless we cut his list down.  When she first offered us the 10k she told us to use it wisely and I don't understand how using it to allow everyone we want there to be there (the most important part of a wedding I think) is unwise.  Why is she being so irrational or does her reaction somehow make sense to anyone?
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