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Two Weddings - How to pick?! - POLL

My DH and I have been invited to two weddings on the same day and need to RSVP very soon.  One we've known about for awhile; it's a close friend of his family, and his brother and parents will be attending as well.  The other is a sorority sister of mine, and while we're not best friends, I would really like to go.

So, how do we pick?  Or do we split up?  I don't want to offend anyone.


Re: Two Weddings - How to pick?! - POLL

  • Whichever one you really want to attend. It's not that big of a deal. Neither appears to anyone close to you, so throw the names in a hat, pick one, and go.
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    split up, represent at both
  • I think if you don't mind splitting, that's what I would do. This happened last year with my FI and I. Only it was my little brother's graduation and FI's cousin's wedding. So he went to the wedding and I went to graduation.
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  • I'd go to my sorority sister's wedding and let my FI go to his family friend's wedding.  He will be able to hang out with your family, and you can hang out with your sisters so you will both have fun even if you aren't together.
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  • Split.
    The wedding he will attend is important to him and his family, so he needs to be there.
    The wedding you will attend is important to your extended family, so you need to be there.
  • A prior engagement is a perfectly valid reason to decline an event.  Either split up, or go to the one you found out about first.  
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  • Attend one and then time travel to attend the other one! I say attend whichever you found about first.

  • Split or see if you can make it to both events. Maybe go to the ceremony at one and attend the reception at the other.
  • I wouldn't go to the ceremony without going to the reception or vice versa. Do they start at the same time? Could you make it to part of one (ceremony + part of reception) and then leave early to get to the second ceremony?

    If not, I'd just split up. You'll be around your sorority sisters, and your H will be with his family, so it's not like either of you will be alone.
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    I'd split it up if you could. Maybe go to the ceremony of one and the reception of the other. Just explain the situation to each person, so they understand why you will only be there for half. We had a friend who had to do that for our wedding (she came to the ceremony and stayed for dinner, then left). We were just happy she was able to come for part of it.

    ETA: I now see you mean split up as in one go to one, the other go to the other. I still stand by my suggestion if it's possible (if they're in the same city). If not, splitting up may be the best option if you don't mind going alone.

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  • I'd split up and each go to one.
  • It sounds like your FI's family friend is more important to him than your sorority sister is important to you (just from the way you've written it).  If splitting up is not an option for you each to go to your own wedding, then I would go to the family friend's.
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  • I would go to my sorority sister's wedding. I have a close circle of girlfriends from college and wouldn't want to miss any of their weddings. Of course, my FI could come with but if he feels it is important to attend his family friends wedding, then we'd split up for the evening.

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  • I'd probably split and each go to a wedding.
  • Thanks everyone!  I wasn't sure if splitting was OK, but it seems like the overwhelming vote.  I can't quite do part of one and part of another; they're an hour apart start-time wise, and probably an hour and a half drive from each other.  

    Although, I do love the time travel suggestion ;)  Unfortunately, I have no TARDIS or other way of making that happen.

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