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Where should the ceremony be?

My fiance and I can't decide where we should get married. He has always wanted an outdoor wedding and I have always wanted a church wedding. We are both very willing to compromise, but we still can't decide. If we get married in a church, it will be my family Catholic church where I was baptized, confirmed, etc. (but not a Catholic mass since my fiance is not Catholic). If we get married outdoors, my aunt will officiate the ceremony (neither of us really want her to, but we both feel obligated). I am also very worried about weather if we get married outdoors (June wedding where rain (or even snow) is possible. There are many other factors too, but I don't want to bore everyone. It seems like both options have pros and cons and I just wanted some outsiders perspectives. Thanks!

Re: Where should the ceremony be?

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    Are you a practicing catholic?  Do you intend to raise any children catholic?  The church doesn't recognize marriages performed outside of the church, so this may have an effect if you continue to practice.  On the other hand, if you don't intend to practice or raise your children catholic, it would probably be best not to be married in the church.  The catholic church requires you to go through some "hoops" before the wedding.  If you aren't practicing, these would be a big waste of time.
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    My fiance and I were dealing with similar issues. I want the "Catholic" wedding and he was thinking a beach were people won't be bored. Since a priest will not marry a couple outside of the church we're actually going to have a very small full Catholic ceremony in Miami (where I currently live) and then a large outdoor ceremony in Colorado (where my family is). I want to receive the sacrament of marriage so that's why I'm opting for both. As for Catholic marriage and raising your family I want to clear a few issues. If you do want to have a Catholic ceremony you can have a shortened one since your fiance and possibly your inlaws might feel uncomfortable. The church will recognize a marriage performed outside of the church, they will just not consider it a sacrament. You can receive the sacrament if you wish after your normal wedding. As for raising children Catholic, that's up to you and your fiance. The church will not reject people who were not married Catholic. They are always welcoming. Try to look at what's important to you. If the sacrament is not a big deal then an outdoor wedding might be perfect. Know that you can always get it later. I hope this helps.
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    Ditto leahIf Catholic and practicing you might do what we did which was a church wedding but a reception that was outdoors on the water( with an indoor area in case of rain)
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    I agree - if you lead a Catholic lifestyle now, or if you want to get back into the faith and lead a Catholic lifestyle after your wedding, then arrange an appointment with the priest and see if you're both comfortable having your wedding there. If you don't practice Catholicism now, and/or don't plan to do so after the wedding, then have a ceremony at another location of your choice. If you plan an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a sturdy tent or a backup indoor location on reserve in case of bad weather.
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    plan the location for indoors & then surprise him with a very short & fast ceremony outside with just him, you & the officiant. and maybe the parents. this way the guests will be comfortable during the big event & he will see that you love him enough to give him what he wants too. don't forget to tell him thank you for the inside wedding happening latter in the day.
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