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I am creating my own wedding website as a subdomain of my photography site. My worry is if I'm posting all my event info on the WWW, will I have uninvited guests show up? My fiancé and I don't know too many people, but should this be a major concern?
I want the website to be as informative as possible, I hate show up to a wedding the the reception site is a secret and you have no idea how to get there. Or you get a little card with basic directions, but then no clue how to get home!!

Anybody here have wedding crashers?

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    Why don't you just make an entirely new website and only give the url to family?
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    We only have out our wedding website to those invited. We didn't have wedding crashers of people that we knew, but there were two drunk ladies that wandered over from the hotel bar. They told me how lovely the reception was over and over. I'm sure they had dinner, but I didn't care.
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    You could also possibly set it up with a password, so only your guests will be informed of it.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:77d493a6-f97a-4ae4-be78-e89ec5b01a97Post:2c004a44-1e7c-4671-80d8-43661a35c73a">Re: Wedding Website</a>:
    [QUOTE]Why don't you just make an entirely new website and only give the url to family?
    Posted by laurenclaire1386[/QUOTE]

    Seems like a logical idea to me!  That's what we did and had no issues with crashers.
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    Password protect the areas with things like venues and addresses, and last names.
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