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flower girl's dress

Does the bride normally pick out what the flower girl will wear?  Or does the flower girl's mom just get her something nice?

Re: flower girl's dress

  • It can be done either way, really. Most of the weddings I've been in, however, the bride has shown the mom what she wants, however, I was in one where the mom picked the dress.

    You need to ask the mom her budget if you're planning to pick out something for her.
  • Whatever you are comfortable with. I have only been to weddings where the bride chose the dress, with the moms budget in mind, but if you are ok with the mom picking it out, then that's certainly acceptable. Just give her any color preferences/styles that you prefer and let her find what works for her.
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  • I bought my flower girl's dress, that way I could pick it out and there would be no issues.
  • Ditto PP. It's up to you.

    Both of my FGs parents have completely different budgets so I just told them to find a nice white dress. They're far enough apart in age where they would look different anyways. Plus, there are Easter sales and all of the communion dresses are out right now. I didn't want either one of them paying a bunch for a dress that the girls will only wear once and would grow out of quickly anyways.
  • I picked out my flower girl dresses as I wanted the girls to look like the BMs and me.  I did, however, find them for less than half the price as DB on The dresses came in and they're beautiful and fit perfectly.  I think they came to $52 each. 
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  • My mom is actually taking her wedding dress from 1977 and making the flower girls dress out of it.  The flower girl is my neice (her granddaughter) and we are going to write that in the programs so our guests know how we incorporated my mom's dress.
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  • I love that your mom's dress is going to be made into FG dresses!

    I told my FG's mom that she can wear any nice white dress (with black accents if possible). 

    She'll probably find one on sale at Ross, Marshall's or TJ Maxx. 

    However, if I were having multiple FGs I would probably pick out a dress myself so they matched.
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  • We're having a destination wedding and only having a two flower girls and not a whole wedding party. There will only be sixteen people there including my fiance and I. So we didn't want half of them standing next to us lol. and only a few sitting. So we made my fiance's little sister our flower girl and our best friend's daughter, we call her our niece. And at first her mom and I were looking online and the flower girl dresses were like 100-180!! and thats was too much for a 2 year old to wear once that she'll probably just spill cake on anyways. So I told her to just find something red, affordable, and that Leah, the flower girl would be comfortable in. Luckily we got engaged in November, and after christmas, all the little dresses were on sale and she found a beautiful red dress for 12 dollars! We were thrilled!

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