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Day of the Week?

Hey folks-

Not sure if this is the right thread, but here goes:

We think we might have a venue that fits our needs and would like to book it. They happen to have a holiday Monday available at a significantly reduced rate and we're tempted to go for it! We know our bridal party will support us no matter what, but we were wondering if it's in bad form to do it on a Monday where no one will have the next day off? I know some people might choose to just take the day off and we were thinking of having the reception start a little earlier than on a weekend...any thoughts? Do we think that's inconsiderate or rude? Will we lose a lot of guests? 

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you!!


Re: Day of the Week?

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    What time on Monday? I think daytime is fine but nighttime people either won't come or will leave early for work the next day.

    Also, which holiday monday? Many people take long weekend vacations for MDW and Labour Day. I wouldn't do a holiday weekend, personally. It's really asking your guests to choose between a vacation or a ritual they may do for the holiday and your wedding and I'd prepare for people to do the ritual over your wedding.

    Not to mention airfare and hotel rates will skyrocket for a holiday. It isn't benefitting anyone but you.

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    It depends on your VIPs. I don't think a Monday holiday wedding is much different than a Sunday wedding, which we're doing. Our reception should wrap up by 8:30 for the local folks headed home. The out of town folks (mostly my family), are all taking Monday off--but I knew that would not be a problem for the majority of them, and cleared it with much of my family first--my mom being the most notable one, since her birthday is the day after.
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    I think it definitely depends on how your VIPs are. For me, we're not allowed to ask for those kind of holidays off. My manager might make an exception for an important event, but unless I was close to you, I wouldn't ask. Especially if I had to travel long distance.
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