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Inviting People from work?

So my FI and I are paying for our whole wedding. We both have a good size family and he is insisting on inviting everyone from work (He is a police officer), which isn't to bad because I am good friends with most of them as well. My FI has also added several people he has only talked to a handful of times over the last couple years. Making our grand total to 326 people!!!! There are several people from work I would like to invite (I am a RN in a hospital), but because of our large guest list already I can only invite a small few. Any ideas on how to narrow it down?

And there is no talking to my FI. He is super excited because our hall can hold 450 people. His exact words are "We only get married once. I hope we have 300 people see us get married." I'm glad he wants a lot of people to celebrate with us, but he has no sense of budget.

All advice welcome :)
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