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For the DW brides: A poll-ish post

It's been forever! But I have a couple questions:

1. Prior to sending invites, did you send any information about the area, hotels, etc.? Did you do anything unique for this, or just throw some information into an envelope? 

Just trying to figure out the most cost-effective (and maybe personal) way of getting this information to our guests who are not able to access it on the internet. (It will also be on our wedding site)

2. FI and I are trying to think of a nice way to let some of our guests know that we are taking care of their lodging and that they should only worry about their airfare. I was thinking we could send a nice note simply letting them know, but maybe a phone call would do just as well. What do you think? Should we avoid phrases such as "As our gift to you..." or "As a gesture of our appreciation for... something..."?

Thank you!

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Re: For the DW brides: A poll-ish post

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    I actually made little "books" of sorts.  They're small and only have about five pages. 

    The front page is the save the date.

    The remaining pages include a small letter from the two of us, weather information, basic money information, hotel accomodation options, travel options (flying vs cruising) and any other pertinent things people need to know.  They're really cute.  I'm going to wrap them up with a travel book from the island we picked and send them out as STDs.

    The travel book is expensive, but the rest I made on the computer, printed out on thicker paper and had Kinkos bind.  They turned out really nice.

    I can't help with the second part - sorry! :)
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    What a cute idea! Thanks, Joy!

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    I hope all the information in the book doesn't come across as overbearing... but when someone asked "where is Bermuda anyway?" I felt like we had our work cut out for us :)
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