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Should I visit catering halls/venues I think could be out of my budget?

I'm starting to research catering halls and reception venues and one obvious thing is that no one displays their prices online. I got that, and I don't mind going to these various places to check them out. But, I'm afraid that some of them may be just too expensive, but how can I know for sure unless I physically go to these places? Will these halls and venues give me price quotes through emails? My main fear is that I'll go somewhere and they'll give me a price that will have me running for the hills. Should I go anyway or not even bother wasting their time?

Re: Should I visit catering halls/venues I think could be out of my budget?

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    most places gave me price quotes via email.  i ended up asking a few standard questions each time i emailed a new place, one of them being cost and almost all of them don't want to post that on their website but will tell you via email.  i would say try to eliminate as many as you can ahead of time to narrow down your viable venues.  there was one place which insisted that we come in person and waited until the very end of a long sales-y tour to tell us.  that was annoying because it was out of our price range and seemed like a wedding factory.  also they wouldn't stop calling us after that!  lol.  that was the only place we had a problem with though.
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    They should be able to send you some kind of literature with prices via email.  
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    When I called places I asked for a price range and some places provided it and some did not.
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    I looked at many, many places online - and emailed any and all of them I thought might be a good fit for what we were looking for. Everyone that responded always emailed a pretty detailed outline of the costs. They will typically send a pdf doc of sample menus, costs, etc or something similar. If they do not disclose the prices via email, they will usually ask that you call them when it's convenient for you (or they'll ask if they can call you to discuss.) I've found that EVERY place we were really interested in was always willing to bargain and budge on the original price listed. So while I would say to stick within your budget and try to opt for places that are fairly close to your budget, you may also be able to get a more expensive place to come down in cost. If they will not, then move on. No reason to break the bank!
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    Some places provide some packages online, others will if you send an email and give them enough info to work with (and make it clear you are looking for an estimate to inform yourself); only a handful don't and those are the places that, more often than not, may be out of range.

    But I wouldn't just go to go, because it can be a let down to see a place and know that you can't afford it.  Whereabouts are you looking?  How mahy folks, etc.?  If you look through past posts, you can get an idea of places to look, such as the 3 West Club, Prospect and Central Parks, etc.  GL.
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    ditto PPs. make sure you look at people's wedding reviews before you go to a place. lots of Nesties kept their wedding planning bios/recaps after they moved over.
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    Thanks so much for your responses and suggestions! It's great to get a sense of whats what. Smile
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    I planned a Long Island wedding while living in Manhattan and was quite insistent that I needed price quotes over the phone before I went to the trouble of renting a car to visit these places.  Any place that wouldn't understand that didn't get another moment's thought.  If they're going to be that unhelpful during the initial sales pitch, imagine how they'll be to work with throughout the planning process!  Emphasize that you don't want to waste their time OR yours.

     That being said, if there is somewhere that you think you might love and you can be flexible in terms of date, you may want to see a place that you think is *just* out of your range- they may be able to be flexible on price if you take a date they need to fill.
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    i found a great magazine with the venues price ranges listed.  Has  helpful tips for ones in the outer boroughs under 80 pp.  Even shows their sample menus and a picture of the place.
    magazine is called " wedding sites and services"  new york and CT version.  I got my copy at penn station.
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