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Family drama and a question about our processional

Hi Gals,

I have a weird question about our processional. Sorry in advance for the length. 

Here's the abridged version: My parents are still legally married, however my dad is now living with his girlfriend in another country and rarely speaks to any of us. Since he was never really a part of our lives aside from the fact that we benefitted from his nice paycheck every month, I have asked my little brother who is 16 to walk me down the aisle. I think traditionally whoever walks the bride down the aisle then sits down in the front row or something right? Would it be weird if instead my brother stood up with the groomsmen? FI was going to ask him to be a GM originally and we really think it would be nice to have him standing there with us, since FI has sort of been like a mentor to him and his major male role model and they are really close.

Also, when the parents walk out is proving to be a dilemna. Not everyone knows the situation with my parents, except for my mom's siblings. She does not under any circumstances want to walk next to my father and has asked if she could walk with her brother (who's daughter is our FG) since she doesn't want to be the only person walking alone. I'm ok with this (haven't talked to my uncle yet to see how he feels), but now, what do I do with my father? Just have him walk by himself? I think that will be really awkward since most people don't really know the situation and they are still married.

What would you guys do? I'm sick of dealing with all of this and would just love to make a decision and not worry about this any longer! Thanks bunches!

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