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this is effing ridiculous (vent)

we're staying at my sister's house for thanksgiving. my bil's sister is also staying here, along with some other family.

h and i had planned on trying to get some sleep here for most of today, go to this dinner thing at my dad's tonight, and then hit the road after that. 

well, everybody but me and h has left the house.  bil's sister's dog apparently has separation anxiety and will.not.stop.barking. so, we can't get any sleep.  which we need because we rolled into town at 3am yesterday morning and have a 5-hour drive to get home.

so now what do we do? we're thinking of trying to meet my dad for lunch and then bailing town after that.  but that's ridiculous that we should have to change our plans around because this chick left us to listen to her batshit dog.


Re: this is effing ridiculous (vent)

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