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RSVP Due Date and "Maybe" replies

Ladies, I am in need of some etiquette guidance...

Is there a polite way to tell people that they cannot RSVP "maybe" once your deadline is passed? 

We are doing a plated meal with table assignments and have yet to hear from 30 people still... and some of them who we have contacted have responded with "maybe" (well more like "I hope to make it but am not sure yet) or whatnot.

How do I politely tell them that we need a definite answer?  If it were only 5 or so people that were holding out I wouldn't be so stressed about it, but since there are so many, and some are hesitant to say one way or the other I am just going insane.  Not to mention I can't start on the placecards, table assignments etc until I hear back from everyone. 

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