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Videographer - have you used/heard of...

I've gotten a recommendation for these videographers and I was curious if anyone has heard of or used/booked any of them:

Multivision (based out of NJ)

Your Cinematic Wedding

Stardust Videos


Re: Videographer - have you used/heard of...

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    Yes I used Multivison.  At first I loved them.  During my whole wedding planning Susan was amazing to deal with.  By the time my wedding arrived, it was all downhill from there.  Greg, the videographer showed up late.  It seemed like he did a good job and got all the important momements.  My wedding was August 2010.  We had to send them all the information and shots we wanted in our final edited video my February 2011.  They also asked for alot more money for adding 10 childhood pictures and 10 honeymoon pictures.  They promised our video by July 2011.  July rolled around and no video.  My husband and I called, emailed and not 1 person returned our call. August finally came and no video.  We called, emailed and no response.  I got a call from the editor mid September and he asked me a few questions.  I told him my story and he said sorry, he just started working for the company he couldnt do anything and I would need to speak with Susan.  It is now September 28th, 2011 and I still have not gotten a phone call back.  We got our video Monday September 26th and are very disapointed.  It has no editing that any normal person couldn't have done.  I highly DO NOT RECCOMEND USING MULTIVISION! BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY EVER!!!!
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