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Birdcage Veils

As I am, overwhelming myself trying to find the right birdcage veil/fastener, I was hoping my NY Knottie could help. Anyone here have a good reccomendation for a place to find a birdcage veil and a blinged out fastenee??

Re: Birdcage Veils

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    Do you mean fascinator? is a great place to find them.  
    This might be helpful too:
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    I second the Etsy rec! So many great vintage-y finds there.

    My coworker had a great experience at a teeny place called Bridal Veil Falls in the village. They essentially created what she wanted from scratch and added on lace from her mother's gown for a fraction of the price of the crazy Kleinfelds veils. I've also heard good things about the Wedding Library on the UES.

    Best of luck!
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    Great selection at this particular Etsy shop:
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    Thanks guys! Bridal Veil Falls has been reccomended to me as well so I will definitely check it out. I know how amazing Etsy is, but I feel like I need to go and try some on before commiting to buying something online.

    THanks for the suggestions!
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