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Couples Shower?

My BIL (H's brother) is getting married in April. My MIL wants to throw a shower for my FSIL and I have a couple of etiquette questions. I know that it's inappropriate for the bride's mother or sister to throw a bridal shower because it looks gift grabby. It would seem that the same thing could be said about the groom's mother throwing a /couples/ shower, but not if she threw a /bridal/ shower - am I right? As the bride's FSIL and the groom's SIL, am I a far enough removed relation to be able to host /either/ a couples or a bridal shower without it being inappropriate?

I'd prefer to throw a couples shower instead of a bridal shower because (1) the bride has had a shower already (and given the small size of the wedding that could seem grabby too - so if it would be inappropriate for me to throw a couples shower, I'd probably throw a lingerie shower to mix it up a bit) and (2) most of her closest friends (outside the bridal party) are guys, so they weren't invited to the first shower.

Any thoughts are welcome :-)

Re: Couples Shower?

  • misshart00misshart00 Oklahoma member
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    I think it's fine for you to throw her a shower. I know you can't do a whole lot about it, but try to make sure the guest lists of this shower and her other shower don't overlap too much. That's what looks gift grabby.
  • it sounds totally fun! especially if her good friends are men.
  • I wish more showers would be couples showers. A lot more low-key.

    You could probably make it a "Stock the bar" (guests are encouraged to bring a bottle of booze and/or entertaining-ware to help stock the couple's bar). or "Favorite Recipe" (guests are encouraged to bring the basics [non-perishibles] to make their favorite recipe and the recipe itself).
  • We had a couples shower - it was a game night piza party.  Very low key and fun for all.

    I alos hosted a couples shower when I was a MOH for my MOH.  We went bowling and then had a BBQ in our backyard.

    The only thing "shower" like at each was the gift opening.
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  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    Couples showers are my favorite kind. 
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  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    I've read that MILs and SILs aren't supposed to throw showers either, but I don't see why you can't-especially if it's a couples shower.
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