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Seriously? Can she do that?! Long vent. Sorry in advance. =]

Today was FI's cousin's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. It's actually at the same venue as we are having our wedding. Lolz. Same month, only a few days difference. Loved her wedding, but I got a terrible sun burn. Sun + redheads = not good!

So now to the point... FI's oldest sister (who is... shall we say jealous? that she's not the one who's not getting married) announced that she and her bf (who started dating a couple of months ago) are getting married. They aren't even engaged! They're just planning... but say they are not engaged. Whatever. So here it is: she wanted to get married the week before us... (um hello? RUDE! and just wrong!) FMIL told her no way in hell, so she decided to do it almost exactly two months before ours, in the same month and the same venue as FIs middle sister (he's the baby).

I mean seriously, WTF!? She's just in a hurry to get married because she feels left out. (I know I sound like a jealous bridezilla, but everyone in the family says that) As soon as we got engaged she went through four boyfriends and they all broke up with her when she started talking marriage (a week into the relationship!) but this one stayed. I don't even know if she wants to marry him because she loves him, or just because she wants to get married. Then she goes and pulls this one!?

I doubt they will even be together in a year because they are rushing it. I hate to say it but geez, rushing much? She's already had three kids who have all been taken away from her by the state, two of which FMIL and FFIL are raising, and the eldest is being raised by his late father's parents. Seriously, do you need to get married? Just live happily unmarried.

I feel like she's trying to steal my thunder (so to speak) she's never really liked me (FMIL says she's jealous of how "together" my life is and I'm so young and happy...Idk). I know, I know, bridezilla, but seriously, can't you get married AFTER us? We've been planning this thing for 6 months!

I just wanna cry right now... I feel so jipped. (and feel like I'm being a spoiled bridezilla) Just had to vent. Thanks for listening (reading? lol) girls!
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