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Does the father of the bride ride with her to the ceremony?

I was under the impression the guys went together (including the father of the bride and the father of the groom), and the girls go together (including the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride).

My mom insists that my dad will ride with me, and my FI's mom will ride with him. Is this correct? It seems so silly who goes where...

Re: Transportation Question

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    I guess it depends on where everyone is getting ready and how everyone is getting to and from the reception.

    When my older sister got married, the BMs got dressed at our house and rode in the limo to the church.  Our parents drove their own car to the church and reception.  The groom's mother got dressed at her hotel room (I assume) and drove herself to the ceremony.  I'm pretty sure the groomsmen got dressed in their hotel rooms and drove themselves to the ceremony, as the limo wasn't big enough to fit the entire bridal party for the ride to the reception.  The bridal party then rode together in a few cars to the reception.

    When my younger sister got married the BMs and moms had breakfast together.  The BMs and our mom then went & got our hair done, after which we got ready at the church.  Our dad came to the church around lunch time with our other BIL, since mom already their car at the church.  The groom's parents showed up at the church dressed maybe about 30 minutes or so before the ceremony.  The entire bridal party (minus parents) rode in the limo to the reception and since most everyone in the BP (except our family) had a date already at the reception site getting home wasn't an issue.  My other sister, BIL, & I piled into mom & dad's car from the reception site home.
  • My MOH drove me to the ceremony location, everyone else got there however they got there, I honestly don't know.  However, we also got ready at the ceremony location.
  • My parents arrived at the church separately from me.  I traveled with my BMs.  H's parents drove themselves to the church along with one brother who missed the limo.  H's GMs went with him.

    I guess it all depends on who is getting ready where.  If you're already with your parents before the wedding, it's fine to drive over together, but you don't have to.
  • My MOH drove my car from my house to the church and my parents drove their car from my place to the church. I never heard of this being a big ordeal either. Yikes!
  • I think it's personal preference. I am probably driving with my parents and meeting my girls at the Church where we will get ready. FI will drive with either his parents or one of his GM's. The limo is picking us up after the ceremony.

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  • We had a wedding shuttle and the parents all rode from the hotel in that. The entire wedding party, guys and girls, rode in a limo. That's all we had, really.
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  • However you want. I rode to the wedding site with one of my BMs and her husband in their car since we were all ready and my parents needed a few more minutes.
  • I think you can do it however you want. I stayed with my Grandma the night before the wedding, so my sister/MOH and I went to the church and got ready. We met all the rest of my BM's there. And my parents arrived seperately in time to do some pics before the ceremony.
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